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Trends in Marketing: Hancock Lofts Dangles Free TVs

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Strap on your banana hammock, West Hollywood's Hancock Lofts is hosting an all-day pool party on August 1 to entice you into buying one of their 31 units, including one and two bedroom lofts and two-story townhouses (maybe go for a dip after you sign your life away). Not only are you being enticed with a pool party in the dog-days of summer, but Hancock also included this ditty in their party missive: "In addition to living in the center of WeHo on the Santa Monica strip, at the ONLY brand-new residential building available! Ultimate Life Living is giving all their registered buyers a FREE HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER - And, for each friend you refer to Ultimate Life Living that purchases, you will receive your very own flat screen T.V.!" We thought these perks were a thing of 2006. We'll take it as a good sign.

Alex Limandri from Ultimate Life Living, a group that's helping sell and market the Hancock Lofts, says he's working out deals with Bang & Olufson for the entertainment centers, but they're open to buyers' requests for different brands. When asked what exactly he means by entertainment center (big wooden box? DVD? Betamax?), Limandri said it's whatever the buyer wants. They're prepared to offer any sort of apartment amenity that runs between $1,000 and $2,500. And the TVs are 42'' inch LCD screens; specific models TBD.

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