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CurbedWire: Mariposa Place Apartments, Barker Block Bang

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SANTA MONICA BLVD: Given all the news surrounding the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) today, this is worth pointing out: This is Mariposa Place Apartments, a CRA project located at 5030 W. Santa Monica Blvd, a development which will likely brighten up this stretch of Santa Monica Blvd. The project, which looks recently finished, was designed by Richard Barron Architects. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: From Barker Block, a mailer about sales. EVERYTHING MUST GO, it seems. "Barker is wrapping up its First Phase this Saturday with a bang. We're closing out the historic North Building by marking down the prices as low as they can go. We've removed any room to negotiate: what you see is what you pay; and you'll see huge savings!" Those sale prices, which were announced recently, are after the jump. [Curbed InBox]