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Rooster Rules: One Chipped Bird Per Household

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Way back in May 2008, the city began considering new rules regarding rooster-human relations, introducing motions that would limit households to one rooster, and force all owners to insert a microchip in their birds. At issue was not only illegal cock-fighting, but property values (some feel the birds and their possible squalor may devalue a neighborhood). All that chatter last year has resulted in some action: The City Council's Public Safety Committee yesterday approved a draft ordinance to indeed allow only one rooster per household and force the permitting and chipping of cocks. Of course, the celebrity roosters get their own trailers and don't have to be permitted. Via the LA Times: "This being L.A., Hollywood-bound birds -- roosters used for film and TV shoots -- would be spared the limit with a proper permit. Businesses for which roosters are integral, including educational facilities and animal exhibits, would also be allowed to retain more than one rooster with the proper zoning allowances." According to the paper, there's some worry that "the regulation would unfairly affect Latino immigrants."
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