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Marina Del Rey's G2 is Out, KOR's West End Is In

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[Via Plutovman]
Developer Landmark’s G2 project in Marina Del Rey is the latest unrealized project in the neighborhood, but here come the opportunists: Local investment firm CityView and KOR Realty Group purchased the building this spring, and renamed the 120-unit project West End, according to Tripp Dupois, vice-president of sales and marketing at KOR. The development, which was nearly completed when the deal closed, opened its doors to the public last weekend. Here’s the deal on the prices: Units range from 775-square feet to 2,300-square feet, while prices range from $335,000 to $750,000.

One Curbed visitor, reader Vladimir, visited last weekend, and had some complaints: Among other things, the Eastern Bloc feel to the architecture and small size of the gym irked our reader. (Some photos are in this set.) In defense of the building, Dubois says that more renovations are still to come. Meanwhile, the Marina Arts District (or so its called). hasn’t exactly proven to be a home run for developers: The Element, a condo project from the now bankrupt John Laing company, is rumored to be in trouble, while Corus Bank repossessed Glencoe Lofts last year.
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