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Designing Gone Wild: Joe Francis' Interior Desecration

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It looks like "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis' legal problems are larger than his tax evasion charges (or the myriad lawsuits he's fought over the past decade from girls who had gone wild on video). He's also pissed off his interior designer, Ralph T. Haenisch (pictured, right), who has expanded his suit against Francis to include breach of oral contract, defamation and now intentional infliction of emotional distress, after Francis allegedly sent intimidating emails against Haenisch for his possible cooperation in Francis' tax evasion case. The suit began because Francis allegedly refused to pay for the nearly $285,000 in furniture and knick knacks for his Bel Air home, "which he intended to make a 'showpiece to the world.'" Yes, that would be the same Bel Air home (next door neighbor: Zsa Zsa Gabor) that he was kidnapped from in 2004 and then forced at gunpoint to...well, the story is NSFW. Francis responded to the law suit with all the dignity and class one might expect.
· Judge rules interior designer can expand claim against 'Girls Gone Wild' founder [Daily News]