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Pricechopper: Two for One and a Half on the Westside

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Architect Emily Jagoda built this house for her family, and remodeled a 1939 bungalow on the same lot while she was at it. Both are for sale for $1,099,000, down just a little from the $1,189,000 they were first listed for in June. The main house has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, radiant heating, lots of windows and doors, and a "miniature citrus grove composed of Valencia orange, Blood orange, tangerine, Eureka lemon, kumquat, lime." The bungalow has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, skylights, and pear trees. Whoever snaps this one up is going to be eating some seriously delicious salads.
· 2 on Tilden [Official Site]
· 2504 Tilden Ave. Los Angeles, CA [Redfin]