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Meet Sawtelle and Mississippi, Latest in West LA's Building Boom

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Just call it "untitled"—this is a yet-to-be-named mixed-use rental project going up at Sawtelle and Mississippi in Little Osaka. Developed by Dembo and Assoc., the project joins under-construction T-Lofts and the recently completed SoHo Square and Kanner Architect's Exposition project.

The rental building will feature eight, two-level lofts that are 1,200 square feet, as well as one two-level loft that's 2,400 square feet. No prices yet for the rentals, according to company founder Chuck Dembo (“the economics will be adjusted to reflect the times”), but move-ins should happen by the end of the year. Built on the site of the former Yamaguchi Market, the project will have six shops on Sawtelle, and four on Mississippi. Dembo says don't worry about Jamba Juice in this mom-and-pop neighborhood: "We're not going to put a Subway there." He's hoping for Asian-themed restaurants, and maybe a furniture store or boutique. And speaking of subways, in 2015 or so an Expo Line stop (ok, not a subway but it's on rails) will be about half a mile from the project, so easy access to Downtown or Santa Monica. The 405 is also right next door, and that's either good or bad depending on how you look at it.
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