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West Hollywood's New Flare Just Pretty, Not Selling Anything

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We figured this executive toy-looking thing on the Sunset Strip was the future facade of some trendy restaurant we wouldn't be cool enough to know about. But no, it's a sculpture! West Hollywood's urban designer John Chase tells Curbed the artwork was designed by local architecture firm null.lab, is filled with LED lights, and will complement the jumbotron already in place at 8410 West Sunset. Thankfully, this thing won't be be advertising anything. The sculpture was commissioned by Joe Shooshani, co-owner of both the property and Bobco Metals, a local metal wholesaler/retailer.

Chase says Shooshani "is an experimenter, he's a lover of art and light, and he wanted to do something that no one else had." (Bobco Metals headquarters on Alameda Street, where the sculpture was constructed, was also designed by null.lab and won an AIA Los Angeles award.) The property includes the retail space behind the sculpture, a newstand next door, and housing behind the retail space (plus the jumbotron), and the sum is what Chase calls an "attempt to create a little bit of public space." Shooshani's assistant tells us the installation is permanent and will be finished by the end of July. The retail space behind the sculpture is empty now, but it's available for rent.
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