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Meet 833 Edinburgh, Latest Fairfax-Area Rental

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Continuing the tour of new rentals, let us head over towards Fairfax. Some West Hollywood residents have been heard grumbling about the size and heft of 833-853 N. Edinburgh, a new 57-unit rental project that was just a big hunk of wood last fall. Technically, this project is in Los Angeles, not West Hollywood, but that hasn't stopped the homeowners in West Hollywood from complaining about the size of the project, specifically the height, which looms over their Spanish-style homes. Currently, 833 Edinburgh is offering 1,250 square foot two-bedrooms for $2,295, while there are also three-bedrooms available. Meanwhile, this project's biggest competitor is likely the 801 Fairfax project right around the corner.

· $2295 / 2br - West Hollywood Brand new luxury 2+2 and 3+3 (West Hollywood) (map) [Craigslist]