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Rent Check: Yet Another Woodrow Wilson Boathouse

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Not interested in buying an 825-square foot Woodrow Wilson boathouse? How about renting a 1,136 square foot Woodrow Wilson boathouse? This two-story, two-bedroom, one-bathroom pod house was designed by Harry Gesner and built in 1959, and it sits next to its identical twin (home of character actor Brian Geraghty). The listing warns, "If you are looking for tradition, this house is not for you," but if you're the adventurous sort, "The living room is the best room in the house (400 sq. feet) with a wood-burning fireplace, pitched and exposed beam ceilings with a wall of glass that leads out to a large balcony with spectacular views of the valley and mountains...The two bedrooms and bathroom are downstairs." Rent is $2,650 with a $2,000 deposit.
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