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CurbedWire: Big Paraders Are Now Resting

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[Like trekking through Nepal. If Nepal looked like Silver Lake. Via Bunnicula]
LOS ANGELES: This past weekend was the Big Parade, a two-day walk through dozens of staircases and 40 miles of Los Angeles. Here's what the organizer's web site notes: " Thanks to everyone who joined The Big Parade this weekend - over 250 people! It was a huge success. Today, we’re sleeping and fixing blisters." While the web site notes that a full report is coming, covered Saturday's leg of the event, noting that 75 people showed up. Additionally, the Under the Hollywood Sign blog wrote about yesterday's finale: "Though running 1 1/2 hours late, thirty to forty intrepid walkers finally reached the Belden Steps sometime after 7:30pm, where I was waiting with water and an overview of Beachwood’s landmarks and history. Then they took off for the Hollywood Sign, which they reached in darkness." [Curbed InBox]