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New Mixed-Use Hopes to Enliven Del Rey

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The Argonaut reports of development afoot in Del Rey: Local developer Merlone Geier says it's looking to break ground next spring on a 244-unit development with 9,000 square feet of retail at 13480 W. Maxella Avenue, near Lincoln Boulevard. Developer Olson Company had the original entitlements on the project, but sold the land to Merloine Geier. Here's Jim Atkins, managing director of developer Merlone Geier Partners on the project: “We hope this will begin to enliven the other side of Maxella, as well as along Lincoln. This parcel of the property is wonderfully located in the center of a great recreational area, with tremendous shopping and great transportation access." In the fact sheet on the project, the developer notes of an "improved architectural design that is pedestrian oriented," compared to the original design. It's looking a little boxy, but then again, the folks at Merlone Geier Partners remind everyone this current design could change. And while they haven't made a formal decision on the project, the Del Rey Neighborhood Council seems mostly supportive of a development going in, reports the Argonaut.

From the fact sheet for the project: In 2006 the City of Los Angeles approved various entitlements to permit the following (Olson Company):

* Construct up to a maximum of 244 dwelling units (24 are designated for very-low income);
* Provide approximately 9,000 square feet of retail floor area;
* A maximum building height of 67 feet on Maxella Avenue and 55 feet on Lincoln Boulevard; and
* Limit the combined floor area of all the building to no more than 2.39 times the buildable area of the lot.


The project modifications will substantially comply with the aforementioned approved project, but the adjustments we are making will enhance the development and create a better design for the community. For example:

* Reduces the building footprint to provide greater open space;
* Sustains the permitted number of units at 244 that will create much needed housing opportunities for a mix of incomes;
* Improved architectural design that is pedestrian oriented;
* Conforms to the Design Principles of the Lincoln Boulevard

Community Design Overlay Zone: for example the new building design encourages pedestrian activity along Maxella;

* Sustains the Green goals of the City by seeking LEED Certified;
* A FAR of 2.27 to 1;
* A maximum building height of 70 feet is permitted by code. The project team is seeking a maximum building height of 68.5 feet on Maxella Avenue and 60 feet on Lincoln Boulevard;
* A total of 578 parking spaces which includes 521 residential parking spaces and 57 non-residential parking spaces in accordance with LAMC 12.21 A.4 and .25 guest parking spaces per market rate dwelling unit; and
* 24 units are dedicated to very-low income (50% of the area median income)

· Mixed-use project proposed for part of Villa Marina center [Argonaut]