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Curbed Poll: Restored 1926 Los Feliz Mediterranean

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Taking a page from our sister site Racked LA, we're asking you to look at this home and vote on whether you like or dislike it—your choices are 'That's Rather Lovely!,' 'So close,' 'I feel strangely ambivalent about it,' or 'That's Rather Hideous!'

Yet another thing we can't agree at Curbed HQ. A reader passed along this three-bedroom, four-bath house near Griffith Park in Los Feliz and we hoped the interior would be as charming as the exterior. No such luck. The heavy drapery and overabundance of dark wood reminds us of the inside of a very luxurious coffin. Needless to say, we don't necessarily want our home to call to mind our final resting place. We're too young to shuffle off this mortal coil. Yet others around here appreciate the house's aesthetic "cohesiveness." Which sort of echoes the GOP constantly lauding Bush's "consistency." Faint praise, indeed. The listing also notes the "gourmet kitchen with center island with second sink, granite counter tops and polished slate floors, stainless steel appliances such as Bosch double ovens, Thermador cook top and a Gaggenau dishwasher," six patios, and dark hardwood floors. So which one of us is right? It's almost the Fourth, let's celebrate democracy in action. Listing is here.