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Dwell Home Tours: Baxter and Work Houses in Silver Lake

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Another look inside two of the homes featured in last weekend's Dwell on Design east side home tour - above are pictures from the Barbara Bestor-designed Baxter House and the John Southern-designed and occupied Work House, both in Silver Lake. The Baxter House, set on a terrifyingly high hill near the reservoir, is what the architects are characterizing as a "virtual remodel." Bestor and co inherited a foundation and footprint, and re-designed the home within those constraints. Not exactly a small footprint, either. The house was huge. Like, seriously huge. We were exhausted by the time we finished touring this house. The house has two distinct wings, with the "interiors...broken into several smaller more habitable zones." The interior design is by Wendy Park.

The second house we visited in Silver Lake was the Work House by John Southern and his firm Urban Operations. It operates as both his firm's office as well as his residence. According to the architect's statement, "the boundaries between the familiar signifiers of domesticity are contaminated by the operative functions of work, resulting in a series of open, inter-connected spaces which contain the remainders of what we all view as 'house'." Yikes. Archispeak to English translation: it's a live/work space. Using mostly off-the-shelf materials, the house served as a nice palate cleanser after the expansiveness of the Baxter House. And we dug the jerry-rigged valises that were turned into a lamp.
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