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On the Market: Wellworth is Bank Owned and Skinny-Minnie

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LA's version of London's skinny house? Located on Wellworth, two blocks south of the intersection of Wilshire and Westwood. Broker Lynn Borland tells us that the property began as apartments, became condos, and recently went from being developer-owned to bank-owned, though five of the 10 units are already occupied (the building went up last year and units first went on sale in late '08). Complications with the bank prevent Borland from releasing specific prices publicly, but he doesn't dispute the front yard sign that says the two bedroom/two and half bath units are going for the mid-600s. Units are about 1,800 square feet and have two subterranean parking spots. Borland described the area as eminently walkable, which we have to agree with, though it only scored a 78 on Walk Score.
· 10911 Wellworth [Official Site]