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New to Market: Georgescu's Pasinetti Residence

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In January, the Los Angeles Times ran a piece about the renovation of architect Haralamb Georgescu' s 1958 Pasinetti residence in Beverly Hills, recounting how real estate developer Tim Braseth purchased the home back in 2007, and went about doing a series of changes including opening up the galley kitchen, removing the drywall from the fireplace, and much more. If the story noted that "Braseth and his partners are in no hurry to sell," well, the home is now available, listed for $2.295 million. More about the famous home via the Times: "The design of the house, simple and utilitarian, is governed by its geometry: a series of perfect cubes. The main space is a dramatic living room 20 feet wide, 20 feet long and 20 feet high. Another 20-foot cube is set behind the living room and divided horizontally into two floors, with the home's entry and an open loft work space upstairs and a dining area below. A third cube intersects with the second and provides space for the master bedroom and bathroom upstairs and kitchen and guest quarters downstairs. The carport and outdoor deck also are based on 20-foot cubes."
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