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LA Architects Making the World Better: Pugh + Scarpa's Plans for the Lower Ninth Ward

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LA Architects Making the World Better is our irregularly scheduled look at projects around the globe designed by LA-based architects. Want your work showcased? Email us.

Pugh + Scarpa shares the details of their Make It Right Foundation duplex design, the plans of which were just released yesterday. MIR's goal is to sustainably build 150 homes in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans--the 14 duplex designs that came out yesterday are part of that mission's second phase. Pugh + Scarpa says their plan, "[S]eeks to redefine the concept of a home into a flexible, multifunctional and adaptable space addressing the needs of today’s modern family, on a limited budget." So what does that translate to? Large front porches accessible from both sides of the building, outdoor cooking and seating areas, internal doorways between the two living spaces, "and a platform just big enough for two rocking chairs to take in the life on the street."

The house is five feet above street-level (one of several storm-resistant features MIR insists on), but the porch extends down to the ground as a way of integrating the home with the neighborhood. The design includes passive solar strategies to beat the New Orleans heat, like protective overhangs, a sloped roof, a double-height living room, and an exposed north side.

Pugh + Scarpa also explains why they are designing for the Lower Ninth Ward, a very lowland neighborhood: "The central concept of our new duplex home is the restoration of 'pride of place' to those districts hardest-hit by the hurricane." There's no word on when this particular duplex will break ground, but projects from this phase start construction in August. As of May, eight Make It Right houses were completed and 13 more were underway.
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