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CurbedWire: Pier Pointe Hit, Bike Locker Backlash

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We're off tomorrow for the holiday, but we'll be back Monday. Have a good weekend!

MARINA DEL REY: It's killing us trying to find out who owns this thing now. What is known: Pier Pointe, that Washington Blvd building development (formerly owned by Lennar) that was (possibly) sold at an auction a few months ago, is now attracting taggers. Ghost building status approaching? More photo evidence here. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: A reader takes exception with all the rah-rah bike posts. Fair enough. "All this gleeful talk of bike lockers and hitches! I don't know if this is newsworthy, but some of us stuck working in the Valley have a very different view of LADOT. We get to see the inept side. The L.A. County Bicycle Coalition administers bike lockers for Metrolink stations in the Valley. LACBC seems helpful and responsive, but the actual owner of the lockers is LADOT. As of late 2008, brand spanking new lockers went up. Hooray! Well, guess what. Here we are six months later, and LADOT has still not turned over the keys to LACBC. So the new lockers remain empty while eager bicyclists wait and wait (and drive and drive). So what's up with LADOT? Are they completely unresponsive? A morning of phone calls got me nowhere. Any suggestions on dealing with this faceless bureaucracy? Hint to government agencies: if you want any sympathy in tough financial times, show some accountability! [Curbed InBox]