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New Dodgers Stadium Taking Its Own Sweet Time

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If Dodgers owner Frank McCourt wants to meet a 2012 deadline for his Johnson Fain/HKS-led renovation and retail make-over of Dodgers stadium, a move meant to mark the stadium's 50th anniversary, he's gotta get hustling. But Eastsider LA reports that neighbors are hearing nothing about a construction schedule and at a recent meeting, "a Dodger executive basically said there was no rush to complete an environmental review on the project, said a person in attendance." Money problems? The cost of the stadium: $500 million. Meanwhile, another frustrating piece of the equation is that McCourt stated last year at a press conference announcing the stadium renovations that public transportation to the stadium (currently, there is none) could feasibly be tied to the make-over. One would think that if McCourt was intent on building a Grove around the stadium (as the LA Weekly notes), he'd finally get serious about bringing in public transportation. For now, the stadium will remain "the giant sea of heat-trapping asphalt that it is," writes the Weekly.
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