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CurbedWire: Dust Moving at Bristol Hotel, Very Exclusive in West LA

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DOWNTOWN: A reader who perhaps enjoys Happy Hour at the next-door Golden Gopher sends in the above photo, asking: "Lots of construction going on. Know what's happening?" Blogdowntown wrote back in March that the hotel at 423 W. 8th was purchased by Pacific Investments, which plans to turn the 103-room building into affordable housing. [Curbed InBox]

WEST LOS ANGELES: A reader inquires about the ethics of what's going on at a building (the name of the building was removed). "A friend of mine is a real estate agent on the Westside. He has a client interested buying a condo... When the agent called the office to inquire, they told him that they are not offering ANY any commission to buyers' agents. Basically, either the buyer has to use the agent representing the development (which seems a little ethically funky) or pay their own agent out of pocket. Apparently this practice is legal, but it sounds hella shady to me! Ever heard of this happening before?" [Curbed InBox]