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Vinyl Windows Bring Out the Pitchforks in Glendale

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On Tuesday night, the Glendale City Council brought up the prickly issue of regulations for residential window replacements--and specifically, vinyl window frames-- a topic that resulted in two hours of public debate and comment, reports the Glendale-News Press. Seems some Glendalians are worried that the value of their home will decline if their neighbors install the vinyl "cheap, plastic"-looking windows, while fans of the windows point out they are "affordable and an energy efficient alternative" and wonder why residents should be held to such tough regulations if their homes don't fall in historic districts. Here's one of the anti-vinyl crew: John LoCascio, president of the Glendale Historical Society, tells the paper, “Original windows are an intrinsic part of the character and therefore the value of older homes. Therefore, maintaining those windows is critical to maintaining the value of those homes and the surrounding properties as well.” And there's almost a Grateful Dead reference and it comes courtesy of Councilwoman Laura Friedman, former chairwoman of a city Design Review Board: “The windows on the house are one of the most important architectural elements of a house,” she said. "They really are like the eyes of a person. If we are going to have design review at all, we have to think about windows.” Sadly, the issue of aluminum windows doesn't make it into the article.
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