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Metro: Fast-tracked Rail Lines Chosen at Random

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I Will Ride, a blog advocating for the Foothill extension of the Gold Line, live twittered the Metro meeting today that broke down Measure R's projects. At the meeting, Metro discussed fast-tracking three specific projects; possibly using public private partnerships, additional fare revenues, increased debt, and bonds on Measure R funds. Additionally, Metro said the three projects picked for fast-tracking—the Downtown Connector, the Green Line extension to LAX, and a Gold Line extension to Whittier—were chosen at random, which does not please fans of the Foothill extension (who say their project is ready for shovels now while those other projects are a while off). For those who hoped other projects would be fast-tracked, the Expo Line is already set to open next year or 2011, with the extension to Santa Monica in 2015, while the Orange Line extension to Chastworth will be ready in 2013, and the Purple Line subway extension could break ground in three or four years (the soonest possibly date because an environmental impact report still needs to be completed)—all way before any of the fast-tracked projects would open for business.
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