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Downtown's New Movie Theater Dusting Off the Red Carpet

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Regal Cinema's 14-screen movie theater rising at Olympic Blvd and Georgia St is now scheduled to open November 6th, according to Tammy Billings, head of marketing for AEG's LA Live. The new Gensler-designed theater is notable given that downtown only has one so-called traditional theater, but another notable element is that developer AEG is looking to host movie premieres at the venue. The grand old theaters of Broadway may have the cinematic history, but LA Live's venue will have the latest technology: The premiere house will have 800 seats, an insane number of speakers, and a private entrance and a private lobby. The house is a "unique and unusual" space, says Russ Nunley, VP of marketing and communications at Regal.

As for where all those limos are going to park, Billings says the specifics of where the cars will pull up are still being worked out with the Department of Transportation. Also still being hammered out: Ticket prices and food stuffs. And for those who can't take public transportation, parking in the underground garage and West garage is currently $5 for 4 hours of parking (with validation). Meanwhile, in the gallery, the latest construction shots--movie posters will eventually rise in those slots.