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Latest Century Plaza Chess Move: Historical-Cultural Monument, Anyone?

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City Councilmember Paul Koretz, who has publicly stated his opposition to the destruction of the Century Plaza hotel, introduced a motion last week to nominate the 1966 Minoru Yamasaki-designed hotel a Historic-Cultural Monument. Which means? The city is currently considering changes to the Historical-Cultural Ordinance, but because developer Michael Rosenfeld's plans to tear down the hotel and erect two towers were submitted prior to any anticipated ordinance changes, rules surrounding the structure would likely fall under the older ordinance rules, according to those familiar with the ordinance process.

But in regards to the all-important topic of demolition, here's how the ordinance works: If the city decides the hotel at 2025 Avenue of the Stars is historic, the project's historical significance would have to be considered under CEQA review. And per CEQA guidelines, if there are feasible alternatives to demolition, say saving the hotel and building around it, then the city, under the state law, can’t allow demolition to take place.

If you're thinking that the city just granted historic status to both the old See's building in Koreatown and Bob Baker's Marionette Theater (neither of which are the best-looking structures around), so it would seem likely this structure would be designated, well, never underestimate the influence of developers. And it's likely preservationists thought they'd never see the Ambassador Hotel come down. Meanwhile, with the development now starting the Environmental Review process, there's a public comment open house tomorrow from 4pm-8pm at the Olympic Collection Banquet Hall at 11301 Olympic Blvd.
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