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CurbedWire: Tiki Me? Tiki You! And Some Downtown Queries

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LOS ANGELES: Thursday, July 23rd, marks the next event from the architecturally-inclined de Lab folks. Via their mailer: "We'll start at the Rosemead restaurant Bahooka where you'll sip on a free Mai Tai while we learn what Tiki means to LA. Then we'll venture a few blocks away to the totally Tiki Kona Kai Apartments, where a resident will bring us inside for a peek. Finally, we'll end the night at everyone's favorite neighborhood Tiki institution, the Tiki Ti in Silver Lake, for more Tiki tales." More via their web site. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Someone may have just emerged from a spider hole. Via the InBox: "Can you let me know what the status is on the building that was supposed to go up in front of the Disney Hall? [Grand Ave project] In fact can you give us a status on most of the big construction plans that L.A. had which now we don't hear about anymore. This also includes the building in front of Staples which I believe is called L.A. Central." Answer: There's no more money left, man! Grand Ave is stalled while Related looks for financing and LA Central is also on hold. Apply the "no money" answer to the rest of those downtown questions. [Curbed InBox]