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BRE's Wilshire Boulevard Project Shrinks Again

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The Larchmont Chronicle is reporting that BRE's La Brea Wilshire project, that Thomas P. Cox Architects-designed development--and a project which would take out the old Columbia Savings bank (news that rankles the LA Conservancy, which wants the building protected) and replace the now-vacant Metro Plaza shopping center--has shrunk again. The project will consist of 482 apartments and rise 6 stories, while the previous version was 562 units and 7 stories. More via the Chronicle: "Meetings with the community resulted in a more streamlined building, BRE development director Dave Powers has said in earlier interviews. This is the latest rendering; hopefully more will follow as this one doesn't show her lovely side, does it? A Planning Commission hearing on the project will be heard on August 13th, BRE's Powers tell us. Meanwhile, this project has now shrunk at least twice since its original size.
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