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Goats Return to Downtown, But There's Less Grass to Eat

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Last fall, there was much excitement when 100 goats arrived to Bunker Hill to eat through the weeds of Angels Knolls Park. Yesterday, about 50 goats returned and another 50 are supposed to come today, according to Len Betz, project manager with the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), which hired the goats. According to Betz, the goats (this is the same crew as last year) did such a good job in September that fewer weeds and grass have grown back, so the herd is only expected to be here till Thursday or Friday. Meanwhile, when we visited the park this morning, the guy standing next to us was all excited, and taking photos with his cell phone. "Look at the sheep!" he squealed. Sheep! "City dwellers, that's a problem," replied Betz, when told the story.
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