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Mystery: Olympic Boulevard Ghost Tower in West LA

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A slightly intimidating structure on Olympic Blvd and Butler Ave has baffled Westsiders for years: what is that grey thing? Is it an abandoned building, a Hollywood set, international hobo headquarters?? We finally mustered the courage to ring the doorbell of the fire station that lies in front of the tower.

According to the LAFD: It's an abandoned "drill tower" where firemen would light fires and practice rescues. Apparently, there are still drill towers in the city, but they're mostly in the Valley (we've seen LAFD crews practicing at construction sites on the weekends, too.) We were then directed to a new training facility that just opened behind the Olympic station (see the attached photos). There's a gym and classrooms for the neophyte firemen/women and community rooms for public use. It's not the most amazing architectural statement for the neighborhood, but it's better than a new Yogurtberry.
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