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ConstructionWatch: Paused Beautification Team HQ in Hollywood

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[Via Hollywood/Los Angeles Beautification Team]

The Hollywood/Los Angeles Beautification Team, a non-profit that works on community improvement projects, was supposed to be getting shiny new Modernist headquarters at 1737 North Cherokee in Hollywood, but construction stalled out a few months ago. "It's on hold right now, and it will soon start again," a clerk in H/LABT's offices told us, but she couldn't say when or why things had stopped. H/LABT bought the land in 2003, and broke ground on the headquarters in April 2008, with funding from a capital campaign and public and private grants. The building was designed pro bono by Larry Schlossberg at Gruen Associates, with inspiration from Rudolph Schindler. H/LABT's website says the new building will help them "to provide more vocational youth job training; to implement on-site educational programs; and to develop more green programs." The website also has lot of pictures of cute kids helping out on projects. Aw, call us soft, but we're rooting for this one to get going again soon.
· HBT is going greener than ever [H/LABT]