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Expo Line Maintenance Yard, Take 2

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The Santa Monica Daily Press reports the Exposition Construction Authority, which faced criticism from local homeowners over a proposal to turn an old Verizon site on Exposition Boulevard into an Expo maintenance yard, will present a new plan to the City Council tonight that involves essentially extending the area for the maintenance yard AND adding a "mixed-use development between the facility and homes." This is rather confusing, but here's more from the Santa Monica Daily Press: "City staff has spent the past few months looking at different locations with the Exposition Construction Authority and has identified an alternative that would involve moving the noisier operations to the other side of Stewart Street, placing it right next to the city yards and farther away from homes, while the storage tracks and train washing facility would be located on the east side of Stewart Street. Doing so would still involve using part of the site owned by Verizon, which sits east of Stewart Street, but the yard would instead by separated from homes on the south side of Exposition Boulevard by a mixed-use development that will include residences and perhaps some neighborhood-serving retail."

According to the paper, the city looked at 40 different properties from Los Angeles to Santa Monica--including the Casden property at Pico and Sepulveda Boulevard. (Is Casden, which is planning a mixed-use development on the site, going to share the area?) Meanwhile, this latest plan rankles the Pico Neighborhood Association, which has already sent of a letter of opposition.
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