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Scientologists Go Subtle for Fountain Avenue Sign

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Holy frickin' thetan. Behold the new LED Scientology sign, now atop the church's building at 4833 Fountain Avenue, a structure that has been under construction for many years now. San Diego-based Signtech Electrical Advertising installed the sign at the end of June, a process which took two days. Each letter is 16 feet tall, according to Lisa Frederick, project manager at Signtech, a company which has made signs for everyone from Baja Fresh to Washington Mutual. "It's probably the biggest sign we have done," says Frederick. "It's monstrous." According to Frederick, Signtech, which has its own team of designers, has worked with the Church of Scientology on this particular sign since 2005. If one wanted to make a similar-sized sign that said Curbed LA, what kind of cost are we talking? "$450,000-$500,000," says Frederick. Ka-ching. (But here's an equally lucrative contract: Signtech has been hired to change over all the Countrywide signs so they read Bank of America.) Meanwhile, the Scientologists got a permit for that thing, right? Because a neighbor is likely going to start complaining to the city very soon. Frederick says permits were taken care of.