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Nude No More

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There's not much time left to get naked in the OC, so hurry up. After a year-long battle between nudists and squares (parks officials), the OC Register reports officials have won an appeal that allows them to ban nude sunbathing at San Onofre State Beach's Trail 6, a secluded, 1,000-foot beach that has been traditionally clothing-optional for 20 years. Parks officials first started citing nudists last summer. The Naturist Action Committee's members put their clothes on and went to court over it, and they won a ruling in Orange County Superior Court. But the parks officials weren't going to take the nudity lying down, and filed an appeal to overturn the Superior Court's decision, which they won in June. Now they say they'll start ticketing and possibly arresting nude sunbathers starting in September. The Naturist Action Committee is thinking about taking the matter to the California Supreme Court. We'll be watching this one. [OC Register, image via]