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Trends in Marketing: Builder Lobs Free Balls for Life

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As noted in yesterday's Los Angeles Times real estate advertising section, the developer behind this spec house with a tennis court at 9240 Warbler Way--listing price is $8.995 million--is now offering "free tennis balls for life." Fine print: You get 1,000 cans of tennis balls at closing.

Free tennis balls for life! If only you could eat them for breakfast, you'd never have to buy groceries again. Steve Katz, who works at Poinsettia Tennis Shop on Willoughby, breaks down the deal for us.

Average cost of a can of tennis ball: $4

Savings: $4,000

Katz's conservative prediction: If you have a tennis court, you're going to play quite a bit. Being very conservative, figure you'll use one can of balls a week, so 52 cans a year.

That's slightly over 19 years worth of tennis balls. Depending on how old you are, that's not necessarily a lifetime of balls. More importantly: "That’s not such a good deal," says Katz, who says he also noticed the ad in the paper.


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