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CurbedWire: Even More Stucco Talk, Southwest Museum Re-Opening

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ECHO PARK: Readers and bloggers alike have responded to a renter's concerns about her home being stuccoed. Looking to show off the beauty of a stucco-free home, a reader points out a lovely home on Echo Park Avenue that he says was once covered in stucco, but has been freed of the shackles of the nasty stuff. Meanwhile, the anti-stucco fever continues over Eastsider LA, where a video, an explanation on how to de-stucco your home, called "Take it Off" has been posted. Writes Eastsider LA: "Local historical groups, like the Echo Park Historical Society (I'm a board member) and Highland Park Heritage Trust, have over the years distributed "Don't Stucco" brochures." Fight the good stucco fight, people! [Eastsider LA]

MT. WASHINGTON: Via the York Blvd blog, news that the under-renovation Southwest Museum is re-opening. "On July 19th, the museum’s signature tower will reopen from 2-4 PM, giving visitors a rare chance to look down the Arroyo Seco from the 102 year-old structure." [York Blvd]