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2009-07-suburbHere's an interesting design competition for you urban planning/architect types out there with maybe a little extra time on your hands. Dwell and Inhabitat are teaming up to sponsor "Reburbia: a design competition dedicated to re-envisioning the suburbs." Quick, someone tell Joel Kotkin so he can write another impassioned defense of suburbia's awesomeness! Via the competition's statement: "What would a McMansion become if it weren’t a single-family dwelling? How could a vacant big box store be retrofitted for agriculture? What sort of design solutions can you come up with to facilitate car-free mobility, ‘burb-grown food, and local, renewable energy generation? We want to see how you’d design future-proof spaces and systems using the suburban structures of the present, from small-scale retrofits to large-scale restoration—the wilder the better!" There's a $1,000 cash prize and the winner will be featured in the December issue of Dwell and in Inhabitat. [ReBurbia]