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MGM Wins Toby

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There's the Tonys and the Obies, but the Tobys? Well, certainly less glamorous but just as exciting for building nerds, the Tobys recognize excellence in commercial properties, aka office buildings, and are given out by the Building Owners and Managers Association International. Our very own MGM Tower in Century City won the Toby in the 500,000 to One Million Square Foot category at a June ceremony in Philly. That's great and all, but the 35-story tower opened for business six years ago. According to BOMA, "the TOBY winners were recognized for excellence in office building management and operations in specific categories of building size or type. To win the international award, the office buildings first won both local and regional competitions. Judging was based on community impact, tenant/employee relations programs, energy management systems, accessibility for disabled people, emergency evacuation procedures, building personnel training programs and overall quality indicators. A team of expert industry professionals also conducted a comprehensive building inspection." You may recall, MGM just installed a boatload of solar panels. The US Bank Tower better step up its game. [BOMA]