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Mailbox Bombs Rock Valley

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Letters, bills, and all snail-mail correspondence were on high alert last night after a series of timed explosives went off in four West Hills mailboxes. No one was hurt but debris was scattered all over yards and driveways, reports ABC7. Three suspects are already in custody (considering the scene of the attack, we're thinking the motive may been suburban ennui). It's believed dry ice bombs are to blame. According to Wikipedia, dry ice bombs are made when a "bottle is filled about quarter full of water, some dry ice is added, and the container shut tightly. As the solid carbon dioxide warms inside a bottle, it sublimates to a gas. The pressure inside the bottle increases as the quantity of gas increases with limited room to expand. Bombs will typically rupture within 30 seconds to 30 hours, dependent largely on the temperature of the air outside the bottle." [ABC7]