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Beverly Hills Cat Woman, Meet Pigeon Lady

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A story that has been circulating ever since it broke last week, the Beverly Hills Courier reports the city council is allowing the feeding of feral cats, or, as the paper defines them, "animals that do not belong to a guardian," until the council can take up the issue again on August 4th. According to the paper, the feral cat feeding came to light after 68 citizens signed a petition to stop local Katherine Varjian, who faces six months of jail time and/or a $1,000 fine, from feeding stray cats. "Varjian has fed between 20 and 30 cats daily in the alley behind the 100-200 blocks of Palm, Maple and Oakhurst Drives. Local residents claim Varjian’s feeding of the cats attracts rodents, cockroaches and coyotes, endangering their own pets and creating a nuisance in the neighborhood." If only Ms. Varjian could have a run-in with Ms. Susie Kourinian, aka the Pigeon Lady from Hollywood, a meeting that would satisfy at least one neighborhood since it'd kill two birds with one feral.
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