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CurbedWire: Subway Soil Testing on Wilshire, Shy Still Painting

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WILSHIRE BLVD: Many complain that the subway to the sea is a far-off reality. Well, courtesy of Metro, photo evidence that drilling has already started—though it's for soil-testing rather than installing tunnels at this point. The photo shows drilling near Wilshire and Fairfax, the likely terminus of the first leg of the Purple Line extension, and according to an article in the Beverly Press, Santa Monica Boulevard is being drilled too for a possible WeHo subway spur. And more Wilshire drilling is happening this weekend and next week, according to [BP/Metro]

DOWNTOWN: Via Rich Alossi's Twitter stream, all-important paint news regarding developer Barry Shy's 600 Spring building. You'll recall Shy is in the process of painting over the marble exterior, and it looks like he stuck with the same colors he was testing out previously. Writes Alossi: "Still trying to figure out what I think of the SB Tower paint color." [Twitter]