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Construction: West Hollywood's Space on Harper

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If you've been following preservation issues in West Hollywood for a while, you likely know the backstory of the Ramona apartments at 1236-1246 N. Harper Avenue. As chronicled in a 2004 Los Angeles Times story, fans of the 86-year-old building pushed to save the development, hanging 'Save the Ramona" signs and talking of the building's architectural significance. In a battle that sounds not only emotional but also political, the courtyard building was deemed historic---but not for its architecture, rather, for its site plan. Given the historical status, site owner and developer GTO is building around The Ramona, putting up 32 condos. Designing the project has "been one of the biggest challenges of my career," architect Ric Abramson of Work/Plays Studio, tells us. Meanwhile, the white Ramona complex will be transformed into 8 units of affordable housing. The whole development, now called The Space on Harper, will be done this fall.
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