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Hollywood Castle Update: Who Hasn't Disrobed Here?

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[Via and MyFetishDiary]

After we posted about the authentically-decorated Hollywood Castle in Beachwood Canyon this morning, our filthy-minded commenters suggested that more than Tom Petty videos have been shot on its lush grounds. Those suggestions are confirmed by co-owner Adam Friedman, who says Playboy and Penthouse have held photoshoots at the castle. Adult movies have also shot at the castle, though he says that was "mostly a long time ago." More recently, Hugh Hefner's exes/"Girls Next Door"'s Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt filmed their horror flick The Telling at the house. Lesbian vampire movie Blood Scarab and the occasional fetish shoot (NSFW) have used the site too.

Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" video, which is what your grandmother might consider porn, was the most recent notable shoot held at the castle (check out the grotto!). This is Spinal Tap, the video for The Time's "Ice Cream Castles," and Last Comic Standing have also filmed there, proving its impressive well-roundedness.

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