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CurbedWire: Color in Venice, Bike Lockers in Universal City, Tarzana News?

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VENICE: Venice's under-construction Superior At Venice Apartments, a 52-unit, two building development designed by Kanner Architects, has been on the radar for a while, and now...color. This project is located at Venice and Lincoln blvds, kitty corner to architect Eric Owen Moss shedding giant aka the proposed 65-foot high development. [Curbed Staff]

UNIVERSAL CITY: "New bike lockers installed above Universal City Red line stop," writes Curbed reader Loft LA, sending in a photo of the bike lockers. Nifty. This project joins those news Hollywood bike hitches. [Curbed InBox]

TARZANA: Via the InBox, a reader wants to know the latest on the Village at Tarzana. "I live near the construction site on Ventura Blvd and Yolanda in Tarzana and have noticed that they seem to have made some real progress in the last few months. Do you know anything about what's going to be built there? The sign says a Whole Foods but it also seems like there is a lot of other construction such as townhouses and other retail. Do you know anything about the site? What the layout will be? what shops will be there? When it's scheduled to be done? " We will investigate! [Curbed InBox]