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Silver Lake Foreclosure Couple Leaving LA, Selling Everything

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[Image via Apt Therapy]

Remember Bob and Stephanie, the couple behind the Love in the Time of Foreclosure blog? This is the couple that was blogging about everything from losing their home (they listed their Silver Lake home as a short sale) to the state of their marriage. Some updates! They have found a buyer. They are Twittering (they just arrived to do an NPR interview). They are leaving Los Angeles for good (and headed to Chicago), and having a big estate sale this weekend. They sent some photos of what they'll be selling to the Apartment Therapy blog (the site also has lots of photos of their home from an October house tour). Details and their pitch and what they're selling after the jump.>>>

Just kidding about the dog. But they do have a handsome black dog. Or at least they did in October.

Via Craigslist: "Estate Sale at 2471 Silver Ridge Avenue in the lovely Silver Lake neighborhood this weekend – Saturday 6.13 and Sunday 6.14, 8 AM to 3 PM.

The house made famous by starting its own blog (didn’t know houses could do that did you) and featured in an Apartment Therapy House Tour is having an everything-must-go sale and it wants you to be there. The house is full of great finds from the Rosebowl Flea Market – they can be your finds now! It’s a sale but it’s also a celebration of a wonderful chapter in a house’s life that is now making room (literally) for new owners and their new stories.

And here's what they are selling:
· Silver Ridge House Tour Residence Everything Goes Sale [Apt Therapy]