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Congestion Pricing Critiqued

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The Daily Breeze covers the basics of the MTA's proposal to convert car-pool lanes to toll lanes on both two 110 and 10 freeways, a program scheduled to start in December 2010. According to the paper, MTA is looking at charging from 25 cents-$1.40 per mile, but over at Streetsblog, the transportation plan is blasted: "So here's the rub, there is nothing in the congestion pricing plan that encourages people to drive less. The plan removes no current drivers from the current car pool lane, even "HOV-2" vehicles at any point. Then taking the "congestion" out of congestion pricing, the lane will actually be closed to paying vehicles during the most congested periods. In other words, this plan will not effect traffic during the most congested periods." [Daily Breeze/Streetsblog]