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Rent Check: Frank Gehry-Designed Penthouse on Roxbury

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The listing for this two bedroom penthouse is an exercise in brevity: "DESIGNED BY FRANK GEHRY AND BUILT IN 1965. TOP FLOOR IS PENTHOUSE. VIEWS OF CITY IN ALL DIRECTIONS! ONE MONTH FREE RENT!!!" So we turn to our trusty Robert Winter and David Gebhard bible to find out more. According to An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles, Gehry added to an existing four-story building near Beverly Hills between 1981 and 1984, "transform[ing] its top floor into what amounted to a new series of spaces and forms." The penthouse was meant to evoke a miniature city, and the lower floors were refinished in pink stucco as per the client's request. Monthly rent: $7,500.
· $7500 / 2br - 440 ROXBURY (BEVERLY HILLS ADJACENT) [Craigslist]