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Foreclosure for Real Housewife?

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2009-06-jeanaPoor Jeana Keough. The only Real Housewife of Orange County who seemed possibly? maybe? worthy of our empathy (her husband was a dick! her kids were ingrates! she struggled with her weight!) has defaulted on her mortgage. According to the OC Register, her bank, Chase, has filed a notice of default on her Coto de Caza home (one of four she owns; the other three are rental properties). She now owes $37,538 on her mortgage and $3,732 to her homeowners association. Jeana told the Register she's trying to do a loan modification: “I think all four of my houses have notices of defaults on them, as I’m trying to get loan modifications on them. To get a loan modification you have to stop making payments to qualify. I have renters in the other three now. I don’t know if I’m going to sell it, or what I’m going to do.” When Jeana isn't looking for love in the OC, or being berated by her family in front of TV cameras, she's a real estate agent. [OC Register]