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CurbedWire: LAUSD Looming on Wilshire, Wetherly Punted

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KOREATOWN: Here's the latest shot of that minimum-security prison rising off Wilshire Blvd. JK! Actually this stern-looking structure is the Los Angeles Unified School District high school rising on the site of the old Ambassador Hotel. It's supposed to be done by 2010 and hopefully it'll likely look far more friendly when it opens. [Photo via Flickr user Conductor Mike]

LOS ANGELES: While the Wetherly Project, a 14-story tower planned for a swath of land around S. Wetherly and Almont drives, was supposed to have a hearing before the Planning and Land Use Committee today, a vote was postponed due to... city politics. Via the LA Times: "Because the 95-unit project would be in his district, Councilman-elect Paul Koretz had asked for the opportunity to review it after July 1, when he takes office. Earlier this week, Koretz said the proposal was being rushed to the council in the final days before Councilman Jack Weiss leaves office." [LA Times]