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Hewitt First Likely Joining the Rental Game

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An update on the Hewitt First, that 33-unit project on Hewitt and 2nd in the Art District: Developer Salar Royaei tell us that it's likely the under-construction building will be a rental development. "We're leaning towards leasing," says Royaei, adding that the building will finish completion in a couple of months. Originally, the units, which'll range from 800 square feet to 2,500 square feet, were supposed to be priced from the $400,000s and up. Who can get that these days? Developer Royaei tells us in terms of apartments, there's no competition in terms of the live-work rental units in the Arts District. Artists in the neighborhood can now chime in and agree or disagree with Mr. Royaei. Meanwhile, since these photos were taken some decorative blue paneling has been added to the side of the wall, while we are told that work is currently being done on the courtyard portion of the project (which faces 2nd street).
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