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Mystery Solved, Sinking Silver Lake Parking Lot Re-Opening Soon

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Solved! Finally. Anyone who has lived in Silver Lake knows about the mysterious always under-construction, always closed parking lot at the Comfort Inn at 2717 West Sunset Blvd. Whilst the Happy Foot/Sad Foot provides a good distraction to the empty lot, it's a mystery how anyone can get to Vegan House (one of the tenants in this mini-mall). A recent visit to the lot revealed that the source of the problem: The parking lot is actually sinking, according to the construction workers on the site. Work is now being done to re-enforce the parking lot. The physics of the whole situation aren't exactly clear, but Raoul Gonzalez, desk clerk at the Comfort Inn, tells us that the lot could be fixed by the end of the month. Meanwhile, you can still park underneath the, err, sinking parking lot.
· Comfort Inn [Official Site]