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More Photos of Schindler's For-Rent Buck Residence*

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After showcasing this house last week, we can now show off more photos: Built in 1934 by architect R.M Schindler and known as the John J. Buck residence, this 2 bedroom, 2 bath house (2,500 square feet), is now available for rent for $5,000 a month. More about the home via the MAK Center's web site: "The Buck House is one of Schindler’s projects closely tied to the International Style. The architect demonstrated his use of geometry in order to communicate his theory of Space Architecture in this project....unlike many of Schindler’s projects, the Buck House is situated on a flat site surrounded by other residences. The horizontal arrangement of the house is emphasized by its flat roofs of different heights that appear to float above the house due to a continuous strip of windows...the space of the house has remained mostly unchanged and consistent with Schindler’s style of design." UPDATED
· Buck Residence [Deasy Penner]